Tower Services - Overview
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Tower Services - Overview
Tower Services

Since its inception in 2001, SACOFA has come to build, acquire or manage more than 1,700 telecommunication towers throughout the state of Sarawak to cater to the network expansion needs of cellular operators and other organisations.

To help new operators roll out their wireless networks in Sarawak, we offer our completed towers to share among networks with our streamlined process. Our charging principle is based on a non-discriminatory and fair basis.

Tower Services - Overview

The determining factors of our licence fee are as below:-

01 towericon
Height and type of structure
02 towericon
Number of users sharing the structure
03 towericon
The zone the tower is located

Type of structures OFFERED By Sacofa
  1. Rapole (Ranging From 12m to 30m)
  2. Lamp pole structure (24m)
  3. Monopole (ranging from 24m to 45m)
  4. Monopole Tree (ranging from 36m to 45m)
  5. 3 legged Tower (ranging from 45m to 120m)
  6. 4 legged Tower (ranging from 45m to 120m)
  7. Rooftop
tower type01
4 legged tower
tower type02
tower type03
3 legged tower
tower type04
monopole tree


Optional Services


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